17 thoughts on “4 Reasons I switched from Feedly to The Old Reader”

  1. I was using The Old Reader up until the original team announced they had to close it to public users (a move I totally understood & was fine with) so I switched to Feedly pretty much right away to minimise any switchover issues and it’s been great for me. 🙂

    I did miss the keyboard shortcut that The Old Reader had which would open posts in background tabs (“b”) – but since I very rarely want to open posts in anything but a background tab, I just changed the settings in my browser to always open posts from Feedly in a background tab.

    I do prefer how The Old Reader fills the whole of my screen rather than being mostly fixed width like Feedly, so maybe when I’ve got some time I’ll re-upload my OPML, relearn some of the Old Reader keyboard shortcuts and give it another go.

    1. Overall Feedly works well for most people I imagine. There were just some things I didn’t like about it.

      The Old Reader is just simple and works for me right now. I might switch to another RSS reader eventually.

  2. gReader is the android app that supports The Old Reader (and another RSS reader or two I forget), and it does it quite well.

    1. Thanks, I wasn’t aware that gReader supports Feedly and The Old Reader now. Good to know and I will likely be trying it out on my Android smartphone.

  3. Matthias van der Heide says:

    I have been using The Old Reader and Silver Reader at the same time.

    Because of its speed I currently prefer Silver Reader. The Old Reader sometimes had issues saving my read items.

    This all might change as the products are being developed and gain traction with larger audiences.

    1. I have not heard of Silver Reader Matthias but I will try it out. Have you tried other RSS readers besides Silver Reader and The Old Reader?

      The biggest complaint I hear about The Old Reader is that it is slow. Can’t say I disagree and I hope the developers will work on speeding it up.

  4. A big no-no of feedly is their resizing images to fit in their fixed width UI. One of my main usages for RSS is following webcomics and I feedly shrunk the images too much in order to keep their neat, but not-so-functional-for-my-use-case look.

    1. For regular images in articles Feedly seems to work well.

      What RSS service are you using for webcomics Mara?

      1. I am sticking with the old reader. It can be a bit slow sometimes, but the facts that it does not mess with the images, the mobile site is pretty good and that it has pocket integration make it as good as I can imagine for my use case.

        1. Good to know Mara, I guess if you are happy with The Old Reader it’s best to stick with what works for you.

          It is annoying it is slow but like all RSS readers the more feeds you have the slower it will be. Feedly even gets slow with a ton of RSS feeds.

  5. Feedly allows export very easily too. There’s “export OPML” under the Organize feature.

      1. well, who knows, considering that your article says “lot of other RSS services, like Feedly, don’t make it easy to export your RSS feeds” ;e)

        1. It took me awhile to find how to export the OPML file from Feedly.

          Also The Old Reader allows you to delete your account easily. I haven’t figured out how to do this with Feedly yet.

  6. I like the ability to save to Pocket from Feedly. I don’t always have time to read posts but it’s nice to bookmark it there. I use Pocket as my “get back to this” site.

    Good post

    1. Feedly has some nice features and is definitely a great RSS service. Appreciate the compliment Steven.

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