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adam yamada hanffHey there, My name is Adam Yamada-Hanff and you are probably visiting this page because you are curios to know more about me, what I do, and what this blog is about.

First off this is blog can be described in one word, “Awesomeness.

Need more info than that?  This blog is my outlet for sharing news and my thoughts about happenings around the web.  Topics I will write about include domains, hosting, tech companies, startups, the latest web developments, and occasionally a few personal things.  I won't get too personal but I will share share my opinions whether you like them or not.  If you don't like what I have to say or how I use words it's fine with me if you want to go read another blog.

Developing and building websites is what I like to do and I will share tips and tricks I have learned for creating great content, how to get started writing, internet topics, and more.  These are usually the questions I get asked about the most.  Unfortunately my daily emails don't start with, “Hey Adam we really like your writing and what you do.” Even though I think it's pretty good.

My other hobbies include art, movies, and my two great Singing Dogs Cody and Sierra. Yup, you read that right.  The Singing Dogs and I have been featured in a couple of places which includes “Anderson” with Anderson Cooper and “Good Morning America.”  My dogs have their own blog so you won't see them on here too much.  One of my dogs, Cody, is in my picture with me above.

I have helped out with a number of different websites for clients which includes helping them formulate an SEO (search engine optimization) and web marketing plan.  My main specialty areas are SEO and domain name valuations.

I've helped advise developing a number of websites in my time.  These are my current personal web projects;

  • – That's this site! Like I said above you I write about a wide range of internet topics on here.
  • CarNewsCafe: This car news site that aims to take a fresh spin on the auto industry.  We've turned it into a great news source and hub for auto enthusiasts and casual readers interested in the latest and greatest in the world of cars.
  • Adam's Auto Advice: My auto website that was originally meant to cover auto repair and share DIY auto repair tips.  I sort of changed the focus to anything automotive as I realized there are much more knowledgeable automotive technicians out there that write and share their experiences.  I still like helping people understand their cars and write about cool automotive stories I hear about.
  • Singing Dogs: The site for my two Singing Dogs, Cody and Sierra.

I've also build a few other websites.  If you want to work with or hire me please send me an email.

Hope you enjoy this website and feel free to let me know if you suggestions or tips on how I can improve anything I do.  I always like hearing constructive feedback.  🙂

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