Domain Auctions can be Annoying and Frustrating

domain auctions

Lately I've been trying to participate and learn the various rules of domain auctions across different sales platforms and domain registrars.  Mostly I've been sticking to the major auction houses and registrars that run their own auctioning services.  While it can be interesting to see what gets dropped more often than not I am finding that searching through and participating in domain auctions for quality dropped domain names can be quite an annoying and frustrating experience.

First off even if you read through the rules of domain auction services and try to understand their Terms of Service and guidelines before bidding, I am always finding there are little caveats or rules that are missed.  This can really hurt you when bidding and trying to acquire a domain you really want or have a use for.  I could list a lot of examples but honestly this post would be get a little long.  Anyone who is experienced with in domain auctions knows exactly what I am talking about though.  From what I've read on the domain forums and experienced myself it's hard to know every situation until you've gone through it yourself.  Hey, you learn from your mistakes.

Another thing that kills me is when you are a high or only bidder in a domain in auction and you assume you will get it.  When only a few hours before the auctions ends, boom, it disappears.  What happened?  The original registrant of the domain decided to renew it.  This is great if you forgot to renew your domain and it was an oversight but not so great if you thought you were going to get the domain.  I guess that's why ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) decided to implement Renewal Grace Periods.  I agree with the ICANN policies but it's soooo annoying when it happens.  I have had several quality domains I thought I was going to get for a great price when the original registrant renewed it.

For domainers and web entrepreneurs out there, have you ever been annoyed when participating in domain auctions?  Have you had similar experiences as me?

4 thoughts on “Domain Auctions can be Annoying and Frustrating”

  1. That occasionally happens at GoDaddy and it’s always frustrating because your time, energy and research is wasted. Also the money is stuck for a week until refunded which could have been used at a better place.

    GoDaddy needs to address this issue and many people would have suggested them but I think they actually don’t care.

    1. I think the real issue is that GoDaddy and other registrars should not be auctioning domains in the 30 day window when the original registrant can claim the domain back or transfer it out. These domain auction houses should wait and the hold the auction so that when you submit payment, you automatically get the domain. There could be some arcane rule against this but I doubt it. I’m sure they just work it so that they make the most money. You are right Abdul, they probably don’t care at all. 🙂

      I’m not a “NoDaddy” fan but the times someone renewed an expired domain I’ve always gotten my money back fairly quickly. You are saying if someone renews an expired domain you won at auction you have to wait until Monday? That’s annoying!

  2. Your point is right as well. But I am talking about the later stage. If your point gets addressed and fixed, my issue will automatically gets solved.

    However, GD makes the refund quickly but the time and research is gone wasted when the previous owner renews the domain.

    1. What do you mean by “later stage” Abdul? I assume you mean later in the domain drop process after the initial 30-35 days.

      Yeah it is very annoying and frustrating when you spend time manually researching domains, bid in the auction, win, then the owner renews. Even if it is 5-10 minutes of research that is still time you can’t really get back.

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