Dynadot Review – Great Domain Registrar for Professionals

It's been awhile since I've done a domain registrar review so I thought I'd write-up a Dynadot Review. I've been using Dynadot for a little while and the company is pretty well known in the domain space… honestly I haven't seen many reviews of Dynadot.  So this should be helpful for anyone that is thinking of using them as a domain registrar.

dynadot review

Dynadot Review

When you go to the Dynadot About Us page it reads;

Dynadot is an ICANN accredited domain name registrar and web host located in San Mateo, California. Founded in 2002 by a software engineer, our primary focus is engineering and design excellence.

“Founded in 2002 by a software engineer” tells you everything you need to know about the Dynadot experience. What does that mean? Keep reading this Dynadot Review to find out.

User Interface

Dynadot has a nice clean user interface without a lot of fluff. I like simple interfaces that are not cluttered. I've noticed a lot of companies these days try to to do clean UIs but tend to make it more complicated than necessary. Unfortunately I feel the Dynadot user interface falls into this issue as it is somewhat confusing.  For instance everytime I try to change nameservers on a domain name through the Dynadot backend I am always confused on how to do it. You can't just select a domain name and make a nameserver change.  You have to go into a few menus deep to do it.  Other DNS changes for domain names are the same way.

Dynadot's solution to this though is having an extensive knowledgebase about how to perform functions in the user interface backend.  They also provide community forums if customers have questions they want answered by other customers or Dynadot employees. I guess Dynadot assumes that many of their customer's will Google to figure how to perform DNS changes. My thought is customers shouldn't have to Google to figure out how to do things in your user interface.

Once you figure how to make DNS changes though and how all the menus are situated, you'll be surprised and impressed with the options you have with Dynadot. You can control a lot of DNS aspects easily.  Nameserver updates are incredibly quick.  Usually I find it doesn't take longer than 10 minutes in most cases and usually it happens much faster than that. Typically I clear my browser cache and noticed that DNS domain changes have already been updated on my end.

Dynadot Customer Support

Dynadot has good customer support if you have questions that can't be answered via the knowledgebase or community forums.  Usually you can connect with a Dynadot support agent via the chat window quickly most times of the day.  Not that many other domain registrars offer chat support (that I am aware of), except for Internet.BS and NameCheap. No complaints about Dynadot support as it is quick, easy to access (most of the time), and you tend to get your questions answered all the time.

Dynadot Features

Once you get the hang of using Dyandot, and get past the clunky interface, you begin to see why they have a good reputation in the business among domain professionals.

For individual landing pages for domain extensions they list a ton of useful domain information that other registrars don't. Like what? Dynadot shows the renewal grace period, deletion period, if you can use whois privacy on an extension, whether a domain supports non-roman characters as an IDN (internationalized domain name), registration pricing, renewal pricing, transfer pricing, etc.  To get a better idea check the Dynadot landing page for .ME.  This is probably one of the best things about Dynadot, they provide useful information like this that other domain registrars seem to make difficult to find. 

Another nice feature about the Dynadot landing page is that when you search for a domain on the specific landing page it actually searches for your search query in that extension. Other domain registrars have landing pages for say the .ME extension, but if you do a search on that page it won't actually search for what you typed in the .ME namespace.  In addition they show what prices you pay for a Basic, Bulk and a Super Bulk account. (Read the pricing section to better understand.)

Dynadot supports DNSSEC (domain name security extensions) with more domain extensions than I've seen for any consumer domain registrar.  According to this ICANN page Dynadot supports DNSSEC in these extensions;

.com .net .org .biz .be .cc .de .eu .in .co.in .net.in .org.in .firm.in .gen.in .ind.in .la .lt .me .pl .com.pl .net.pl .org.pl .info.pl .biz.pl .pw .sx .tv .co.uk .org.uk .me .uk .us

For those that want to deploy DNSSEC you would definitely consider using Dynadot first I would imagine. Of course… who wants to hassle with DNSSEC deployment? 🙂

One great feature for those that live in countries outside the United States is that Dynadot supports a lot of county code top level domain names (ccTLDs). Many domain registrars that might good support and pricing may not support as many ccTLDs as Dynadot or not at all. This sometimes is an issue if you are a company or web developer with a lot of foreign business. The only ccTLD that Dynadot does not support to my understanding is .IO (Indian Ocean) which probably most people don't care about. Of courese .IO is popular among hackers and developers.  People who read my website know that .IO sucks and makes people lose money.  At least it made me lose a lot of money!

Dynadot also has good support for IDNs (internationalized domain names) which means domains that are in different languages. This could include traditional extensions like .ORG and new IDNs top level domains.  That means what is right of the dot is in a different language.

Dyandot is one of the few registrars that allows you to approve outbound domain transfers. This came in handy during the summer when I was selling of a bad one word .NET domain name that I was hoping to build, but never got around to it. The buyer wanted to transfer to GoDaddy and the transfer process was seamless and only took one day. The buyer was happy and I was happy with how fast the transaction completed. I was not happy that I lost money on that crap one word generic .NET domain though. DO NOT buy one word .NETs. I'd rather build sites on .ORGs honestly and I've found a lot other people feel the same way too. Tangent? Yes, but be aware of the terrible .NETs! 😀

Dyandot Pricing

Dynadot domain pricing is extremely reasonable for most of the domain extensions they support.  They are either one of the least expensive registrars in terms of pricing or close to it.

If you want to save money they offer discounted Bulk pricing if you spend more than $500 a year with them.  If you spend more than $5,000 a year you qualify for Super Bulk pricing.  How do you keep track of how much you spend? Dynadot actually has a nice feature in the backend that tells you how much you've spent with them over the past year (365 days). This is nice since I often forgot how much money I spend, or waste, on domain names. 🙂 You can also prefund the account to qualify for Bulk or Super Bulk pricing.

One issue I have with Dynadot pricing is that they charge $3 per domain for whois privacy. While this isn't price gouging as many other domain registrars charge $3 per domain for whois privacy, including NameCheap, many competitors do not. This includes new domain registrars like NameSilo, Google Domains, and Uniregistry as well as Internet.BS and DomainMonster which offer free whois privacy for supported domain extensions. If you are Super Bulk customer Dynadot offers privacy for free.  I guess this makes sense since there is an administration cost for whois privacy, but the less domains you own the more likely you would want to use whois privacy. The more domains you own the less likely you would need to use whois privacy for the majority of domain names you own.

Dynadot Backorders

One of the reasons I signed up for an account with Dynadot is that they offer the lowest priced backordering for domain names in the industry. For .COM, .NET, and .ORG domains they charge $15.99, which can't be beat.  When I originally got an account they actually were charging $14.99 per backorder. Can Dynadot compete with larger drop catchers like DropCatch, SnapNames, NameJet, Pheenix, etc though? No, as Dynadot only has about 20 or so drop catching domain registrars accredited with ICANN. This sounds like a lot of domain registrars, but it isn't nearly enough to compete with the dropcatch big players.

I will say that a Dynadot Backorder can catch an ok name once in awhile.  Dynadot recently got a good 8-letter .COM domain and a good one word .NET I'd been waiting to drop for awhile.  (Generally 1-word .NETs are terrible and I NEVER recommend buying them but this was something I was buying for a client.) I had backordered both of these domains at Pheenix, which I expected to beat the Dynadot backorders. To my surprise Dynadot caught them, it just depends with domain backordering.

Just recently though Dynadot missed a good domain name I was hoping to catch to SnapNames. (SnapNames supports sucks btw, so I don't use them anymore.)  I backordered the usual places but was kind of hoping Dynadot would catch it. Who doesn't like saving money on domain backorders and domain names?

I equate a Dynadot Backorder to asking out a 1000 supermodels. I know most people who read this awesome website are pretty good catches… however you might only convince 1 out of 1000 supermodels to go out on a date with you.  Even though we know you are a good guy (or gal), Dynadot ain't gonna help you catch many supermodel domain names. Does this make sense?  Well… This is the best analogy I could come up with, so yeah whatever.

That's pretty much the game you play with a Dynadot backorder. You are much better off going with one of the other larger drop catching services if you really want/need a supermodel domain name. Just don't entirely discount Dynadot backordering but do not count on it.

Dynadot Dogs

This is completely subjective to people who like dogs, like myself, but I like using Dynadot since they have a big picture of a dog on their social media pages. They also frequently post pictures of office dogs on Twitter I've noticed. It seems Dynadot allows dogs in their San Mateo offices, which I think is pretty awesome.

Since people who know me know I am huge dog person with Cody and Sierra the Singing Dogs, I consider this a big plus and a good reason to use Dynadot. Sounds silly and subjective but hey if you are a Dynadot competitor reading this, better post dog pictures to make dog people like me happy. 🙂

Final Thoughts about Dynadot

While Dynadot is a great domain registrar, like the title says I feel it's really for professionals. When I use a web service I often ask, “Would I recommend this to friend or family?” In this context the answer is “No”I wouldn't recommend using Dynadot to most of my friend, family, or anyone that isn't familiar with domains, web hosting, and techy stuff.  Generally you would need to know what you are doing with Dyandot as it can be frustrating at times using them as a domain registrar. This isn't necessarily a bad thing I just think Dynadot caters to professionals and that is their main customer base and market.

You get the feeling all the time using Dynadot that is run by an engineer for engineer types. Dynadot developers thought out a lot of features and provided a lot of great information for using Dynadot. However that doesn't mean it is easy or straightforward to use all the time or things are designed well for customers.

My inclination is to use NameSilo for most of domain needs at the current moment.  If Dynadot were to streamline the User Interface and offer whois privacy, I'd seriously consider moving my important domain names to them.

I'd probably use Dynadot more if I owned hundreds of domain names or had specialized needs. This pretty much means managing a domain portfolio for a company, DNSSEC, Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs), or needing to make very specify DNS changes.

If you enjoyed this Dynadot Review I'd recommend you read my other domain registrar reviews as well;

Have any questions about Dynadot? Want to share a good/bad experience using Dynadot as a domain registrar? Let me know with a comment below.

Editor's Note – I only included a few “Refer a Friend” links to Dynadot in this review. It's kind of like an affiliate program but you get Dynadot credit if you use one of the links and so do I. Nobody can buy or pay for my opinions on this website and everything you have read is my own words.  

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  • Hi Adam,

    Thank you for your great article! I have been recently suggested to move to Dynadot.. but I am not that tech savvy and I really want something simple and straightforward. So after this article I am reconsidering it… I am on the opposite sprectrum of engineers as I suck in maths.

    I am currently with godaddy which I can’t wait to leave (from historical reason about the founder hunting elephants, which I find horrible to annoying upselling features…). Also I got upset when I purchased my 2 domains from them for a nice deal, only to get whois added on a second page…and then email and web page… (the last 2 never used, because I have my blogs on Squarespace), ending up in a big bill. I was ignorant at the time, but I wish I could not go on with the purchase and checked reviews on the web.. And now they keep overwheling my inbox with offers..GRRR!!! I went with the louder seller, basically. Which has its foundations on elephants bloods which I love so much!

    As you might have guessed, I am very inexpert on this topics (and love animals!).

    Would you mind giving me an advice on a provider (besides namecheap), that will give me a simpler life. My needs are:

    WHoIs: no chance I want my name to be displayed on the web…

    easy to use: I have 2 domains to transfer

    that won’t cost the Earth (and won’t harm its inhabitants either)

    and if I have a problem, they will speak easy-to-understand language and in a day or so?

    So far I have been looking on internet, but there are so many options… it is confusing and overwhelming!

    I am undecided between: Gandi, EasySpace, Hover and NameSilo (however, I have read contrasting experiences about their whois…sometimes releasing emails on whois of the domains owners… Big NO)

    Thank you ever so much for your attention…

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Bye now 🙂


    • Hi JC,

      First thanks so much for leaving a comment on this Dynadot Review. I put a lot of time into these reviews and it’s not always clear if people appreciate these reviews and articles. 🙂

      While I think Dynadot is a great domain registrar, what I said above holds true. If you are not tech savvy it’s probably not an ideal domain name registrar for you. I’ve gotten the hang of Dynadot, the User Interface, and other functions. Still I only recommend Dynadot to people that manage a lot of domain names or have specific needs. This means mostly domain investors, webmasters, or clients. Dynadot seems mainly built for web professionals.

      From what you are saying here of what you want, I would not recommend Dynadot. They charge for Whois privacy and support doesn’t always hand-hold.

      Don’t worry as there are plenty of domain registrars for non-math people or tech people. Also known as “maths” in the United Kingdom and commonwealth countries. Can’t say I am a good at math or maths either JC.

      Glad to hear you like animals. Did you see my two dogs, Cody and Sierra? 🙂


      If you are referring to Bob Parsons shooting an elephant in Africa, that did cause a big media backlash several years ago. You should be happy to know he is no longer the CEO or runs GoDaddy. He did found the company and has a stake but no longer takes part in much of the day to to operations.

      There are many reasons I don’t like using GoDaddy. I find the interface confusing, there are lots of problems, they are relentless with upselling, they are expensive without coupons, etc. Still they are the largest domain name registrar in the world and have a strong presence in the UK market.


      If you want free whois privacy and good customer support NameSilo is a great option. NameSilo also has extremely reasonable domain renewal pricing, $8.99 a year for .COM domains. Did you read my review here?


      If go with NameSilo you won’t be disappointed. I have never had an issue with the Whois domain service.

      Gandi is supposed to be a great domain registrar. Gandi has higher pricing but that’s cause they offer good support. If you need to register or manage a country code top level domain (ccTLD) they can provide an administrative service address for some extensions that require that. Not that many people or companies need that ccTLD address service though. I don’t have much experience using Gandi but don’t hear many complaints about them.

      Hover gets high marks and I know a family member that uses them and is happy. The one thing I hear about Hover is they provide great support and are easy to use. I have never used Hover in the past though so I have no experiences to share.

      The advantage of Hover over NameSilo when talking support, Hover has phone support and better chat support hours to my understanding. The renewal pricing at Hover is higher than discount registrars but I assume that’s for the support team. Hover also offers free whois privacy which you state you want.

      EasySpace, never used them. All I know is they are based in the UK and a popular domain registrar and web hosting option there. If you live in the UK it might be a more ideal if you want .UK domains and UK support. I’d like look up EasySpace reviews, see what people say. All the domain registrars I’ve mentioned have US or North American based support.

      Personally when choosing online services I don’t just think about price. I also look and think about features, easy of use, my specific needs, and customer support.

      Since I manage a lot of domains I’ve found NameSilo, Dynadot, and Epik to be good options for me. I believe NameSilo would be an ideal option for you JC.

      Anyway hoped all this was helpful. I would keep in mind if you don’t like a particular domain registrar you can always transfer the domains. Godaddy allows you to manually approve outbound domain transfers. You can have your 2 domains at another registrar with 1 hour.

      Are you considering any other domain name registrars? Have any other questions?

  • Hi Adam,

    You write here that the domain privacy service costs $3 at Dynadot. I do not see on this page the date when you published it. Is this information actual or obsolete? Dynadot itself states at https://www.dynadot.com/domain/privacy.html “protect yourself with our Whois privacy for just $0.00/year”.

    • Yes, you are correct. Dynadot provides free privacy now Gamliel. I will update the article to reflect that.