Enom has Worst Support in Domain Industry says WireNine

Enom, a domain name registrar and reseller, has the “Worst Support in the Domain Industry”.  At least that is according to WireNine, a well known web hosting company.

Recently the company complained on WebHostingTalk, the largest web hosting community online;

Enom.com has had the worst support out of any company i've dealt with in the past 15+ years in the hosting industry. I am not sure if they were acquired by EIG recently to push that horrible support to its knees? If you are looking for a new domain reseller account AVOID ENOM.com

Pretty strong words considering WireNine has been in business since 2004.  That is over twelve years of providing web hosting services to customers.  WireNine also said;

Tried calling the 24×7 support number with insane hold times and forever on hold music and haven't gotten any help from any of their support channels (help desk, phone or twitter).

Other uses in the WHT thread also hd complaints about Enom.

Currently on hold with 'em. Hey, at least the hold music isn't earblasting! Their support has never impressed me – but we rarely use their services to begin with.

Another complaint from Prevail Host web hosting company;

It took them 6 days for an initial acknowledgment on a refund issue, and 3 days later still no resolution. Their support is absolutely atrocious.

A user with the handle @TTGT;

i have etp account with enom directly,

when i have support question and submit ticket at their site,

it also take very long time to response,

with my memory,over 24 hours is normal,

and thier response can not solve the correct answer at the first time,

Enom is a large domain name reseller for a number of domain name registrars and web hosting companies. Getting accreditation to be a domain name registrar is rather difficult, time consuming, and expensive. This is why many web hosting companies, such as WireNine, resell domain names through Enom or other domain resellers.

As part of the domain reselling service Enom is expected to provide good customer support. From WireNine and others experiences on WHT, they do not.

Over the past few years there has been increasing amounts of complaints about Enom. Response times are long, customer service representatives are not knowledgeable, it is difficult to get issues solved, and problems with the domain backend system are persistent. As WireNine and other clearly state in the above thread.

Numerous complaints about Name(.)com, a domain name registrar, have also been surfacing on various discussion forums online such as WebHostingTalk.  Name(.)com and Enom are both owned by the same parent company, Rightside. Each company is having issues handling customer support requests in a timely and prompt manner and resolving issues when they get back to customers. Personally I've called Name(.)com support and gotten a reply three days later.  Completely unacceptable support response time.

The largest and well known Enom reseller is NameCheap.  NameCheap resells .COM/.NET/.ORG domains through Enom.  However, NameCheap has there own registrar accreditation and sells many new Top Level Domains (TLDs) and country code top level domains (ccTLDs) through their own domain name registrar.

I mention NameCheap because customers are bound to have issues at NameCheap with .COM/.NET/ and .ORG domains resold through Enom. Issues include nameservers and DNS records not updating and generally being extremely slow.  Whois contact record issues with Enom have also been an issue according to discussion forums.

Why has support at Rightside companies, Enom and Name(.)com, been so terrible? The answer is new generic top level domain names (gTLDs).  New gTLDs as people in the industry say have been the focus on Rightside.  Rightside owns, operates, and manages a number of new gTLD extensions. The company has been spending a considerable amount of money marketing these new domain extensions, much to dissatisfaction of customers.  Rightside clearly has forgotten to make Enom and Name(.)com support good and has likely diverted monetary resources from customer support departments at each company.  Mainly to market domains that few people want to buy or use.

Are you a web hosting company that resells domain names through Enom? Are you a web services or web design company that uses Enom? What bad experiences have you had reselling and with Enom customer support? Are there Enom customers that would like to comment as well?

Have you also had bad customer Name(.)com? What were the issues you had?

Editor's Note – This is a guest post from Adam, a domain name broker and SEO consultant with YamadaMedia

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  • George Waters says:

    I have serious problems with active-domain.com (an Enom.com reseller). The reseller changed its website and what can I say?:

    – An unfinished template
    – Email notifications of domain expiring with non-working links
    – My domain is not on my list of domains, I can’t renew it, it will expire in a few hours and I will have problems with my client.
    – Phone support didn’t work, nobody answers
    – Email support…..in your dreams!!!

    Both have a terrible service, I am moving all my domains to another registrar at once.