Entrepreneur on Fire’s Secret to Creating Great Podcasts

entrepreneur on fireSome of you might remember when I mentioned Entrepreneur on Fire on this blog and said you should be attempting listen to all the great podcasts that John Lee Dumas puts out.  The reason is he releases 1 brand new podcast everyday 7-days a week.  I believe if you are having trouble with your content creation it will really encourage and motivate you no matter what filed or niche you are in.

A lot of people, including myself, are probably curios to know how a single person can put out new content new podcast everyday though.  I learned the secret;

He records ALL the Podcasts and Interviews on the Same Day!

I heard this when I listened to an interview John Lee Dumas did with Whit Richardson from the Bangor Daily News back in May.  (Probably one of the most interesting Entrepreneur on Fire interviews even though it wasn't technically on the show.)  In the interview John explained that he knocks out all 8 interviews for Entrepreneur on Fire on Monday.

At first this sounds even more crazy to me then doing a few interviews for the show a few days a week.  Preparing and recording an interview is a tiring business even if the interviewee is agreeable.  Having to coordinate doing 8 interviews in 1-day must be a lot and it is probably exhausting.  Currently I am only doing the CarNewsCafe podcast shows once a week.  Checkout our 2nd podcast by clicking here.  (I hope to expand my podcasting offerings by the way.)  After I am done recording and editing I feel kind of wiped.  It takes a lot out of you to do good audio and video content and get used to it honestly.

John explained in the interview though that this process allows him time to take care of other aspects of his business and running the website.  I assume this includes editing the interviews so the podcast audio is high quality and so he can find pictures for making YouTube videos out of the interviews.  During the rest of the week he can be a guest on other shows like the Bangor Daily News or work to expand the Entrepreneur on Fire brand.

Some might find it hard to keep up with all the podcasts and content that John Lee Dumas creates.  In my opinion this is fine, since you have not visited his site in awhile you always know there is something new for you.  For hardcore fans they are always getting great content all the time.

John is one crazy dude but I have major respect for him and what he is doing with Entrepreneur on Fire even if  I don't listen in everyday. (I do try though.)  I can only hope to match his podcasting skills and pace one day.

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