Facebook blocks .XYZ domains and new domains from Pages

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Facebook apparently doesn't like .XYZ domains very much.  The social networking giant blocks .XYZ domains when users try to add the URLs to Facebook pages.

A Facebook user in the help community asked about adding .XYZ domains to their Facebook page;

hello, i really would like to add my .xyz domain name/site to a facebook page i have created, i noticed it would only allow, .com domains and other general TLD's only it would be great if someone can help me with this.

The response from Samuel on the Facebook Help Team;

Hi Malin,

Currently, it's not possible to add a .xyz website to your Facebook Page.

Ouch! No clear explanation was given why Facebook made this decision.  Likely it us because of the large amount of spam that is distributed on .XYZ domains and other new domain extensions.

Recently NameCheap stopped supporting .XYZ domains and will not allow customers to buy the new domain extension or transfer in .XYZ domains. If you already have an .XYZ domain at NameCheap you can still renew it. I wonder if this is one the complaints NameCheap got from customers? Not being able to add your domain to a  Facebook or other social networks would be a big deal.

On a promoted Reddit post by the .XYZ registry, other .XYZ customers complained about the same issue. The user @idvix said;

Facebook does not accept .xyz domains on their advertising platform… Good to know before you set one up.

There were no issues when @idvix added a .CH domain, the country domain for Switzerland, to Facebook however.

They systematically rejected around 20 variants of an ad pointing to a .xyz url and accepted the exact same campaign with the exact same pages under a .ch domain Never gave a reason even on appeal, but since the only thing that made the campaigns pass was the domain change I googled it and found out people reported the same problem on the facebook helper website

The Reddit user @shakesy also had trouble adding their .XYZ domain to a Facebook page. They recommended people;

DO NOT buy an .xyz domain. I bought one for my portfolio site because I thought it sounded cool. Turns out .xyz is a very sketchy domain used by alot of spam sites. As a resault, I was not able to share my site on facebook or twitter, as their security features automatically blocked it. Had to buy a second domain.

Getting the .XYZ domain approved was a real problem and time consuming ordeal, so they decided to use the ccTLD (country code top level domain) for Canada, .CA.

Spend days trying to get this solved. In the end, it was the xyz that Facebook didn't trust. Soon as I switched to a dot ca, all the problems were gone.

Facebook blanket blocks it because its used by an overwhelming number of untrustworthy sites, which is crappy. But also the domain has earned its bad reputation. End result is the same either way. If you want to share your site on Social Media, xyz is a bad idea. Ive also heard reports of email services blocking emails from xyz addresses.

The .XYZ registry suggested in the thread that the @shakesy use Facebook's debugging tool.  Also to make sure the content for the .XYZ domain meet the Facebook quality and Terms of Service guidelines.  @shakesy response to this;

Did all that. My content met all of Facebook T&S, made sure of that. Went through the debug process many times. None of it helped. Soon as I switched off xyz, the problem was immediately solved. Same content, same hosting, same everything. The only thing causing the problem was the xyz.

The user @weeandykidd complained about adding .XYZ domains on both Facebook and Instagram.

I have a few xyz domains but lord help you if you want to post them anywhere. Instagram blocks them, Facebook captchas and blocks them

Interesting since Facebook owns the photo sharing app Instagram.

So what did we learn? .XYZ domains apparently are going to cause issues when trying to add them to Facebook pages and other social networks.  In addition promoting posts on Reddit can be a major disadvantage for new domain companies. That's because smart writers will write about problems with your new domains users are actually having.  Not some BS marketing that you are trying to push. 🙂

If this is happening with .XYZ domains, is it happening with other new domains? Very likely Facebook is blocking other new domain extensions in addition to .XYZ domains. I bet .TOP domains and other highly spammed extensions are having trouble getting added.

Have you had bad experiences with Facebook and .XYZ domains? Have you had problems adding any new domain to Facebook or another social network?

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  • I’m having the same problem with my photography website. I registered a .photo TLD & Facebook is blocking it. Live & learn.

    • That sucks Chris. I recommend sticking with mainstream extensions, ie .com, .org, .us, .ca, .uk, .de, etc.

      • It turns out FB doesn’t like the .photography extension either. They’re both easier to remember than mercury-photo.com, but I may be forced to redirect to that old domain so I can start sharing again.