Fiverr Graphics are not Always Good

Fiver is quite a popular place to get graphics done nowadays.  Getting Fiverr Graphics I have found recently though isn't always a good idea.

 fiverr graphics

Awhile ago I had some graphic design work which I needed.  Like most smart and savy web people nowadays I decided to get graphics through Fiverr.  Hey, why not?  You can't beat getting graphic work done for $5 bucks right?

I initially got this design for $5 and was happy with it I decided to have another Fiverr artist do additional work on it.  In total I spent a nominal amount on the designs and was happy with how everything came out in the end.  I thought, “Where else could I get original graphic work like this for such a reasonable cost?”  Well I learned the hard you can't.

Just the other day someone sent me an email with a company they wanted me to checkout.  Looking at the website I was a bit surprised.  I realized that the original artist had blatantly copied the graphics from this company's website.  The only thing the “artist” changed was some of the coloring but everything else was the same.  Original Fiverr grahpics work wasn't so original after all.

I thought I could salvage this design but realized it was just a better plan to junk these Fiverr graphics.  I don't want anyone to think I copied this company's graphics on purpose.

While the money is not an issue the time I spent explaining what I wanted done was.  If I had known the artist was not going to provide original work I would have probably just looked elsewhere.

I can sort of understand the predicament of artists who sell work through Fiverr though.  The seller only gets $4 and Fiverr gets $1 for each gig.  I mean can you really provide original work for $4?  Still I feel a bit violated about the whole situation with copying the work and not saying anything.

In the past I have gotten a great custom designed vertical business cards for $10 bucks from Fiverr.  I thought the cards came out pretty well and I could not have done a better job myself.

Next time for a critical project I will probably just pay a real graphic designer though.  I found a reasonable designer that does logos and a banners for $150 and really like the work she does.  In mind that is totally worth if I don't need to spend time thinking about the headaches and issues that come Fiverr graphics.  Also I know I am getting something that is original.

What are your opinions about this?  Do you think getting graphics through Fiverr is a good or bad thing?  When should you and shouldn't you get work done through Fiverr?

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  • I think graphics from fiverr are great for brainstorming or goofing off. Serious work not sp much. I live in Memphis and got a for sale sign in front of a pyramid done. It still took 2 tries. The first guy just wanted to arrange pictures. This is the final version.

    Fiverr is awesome for certain stuff. I’ve had awesome whiteboards done and ordering reports from SEO tools you don’t need a full subscription for it rocks.

    • Fiverr is great for certain graphic work and you can’t beat what you get done on there for the price. For certain tasks Fiverr is really not ideal though and you need to make a decision about what you should and should not get done on there. Still, don’t know how I used to do work online without Fiverr. 🙂

  • Fiverr graphics are great if you need a book cover created that is decent or web graphics for your blog.

    You do need to shop around for a designer because many of them use online software like “Canva,” instead of Photoshop or Adobe Elements.

    That is why you get people that want to rearrange images.

    I use to sell headline creation on Fiverr and I used software that spits out 100 headlines in seconds.

    I sold 10 headlines for $5 and upsell 15 more for $10.
    Do your due diligence when you want to hire a designer on Fiverr.