Google Webmaster Tools in Vietnamese

Yesterday I checked Google Webmaster Tools in Vietnamese for this site,!  No, this wasn't on purpose and in case you are wondering I can't speak or read Vietnamese.  Since I thought it was kind of weird Google thought I could read Vietnamese I did went any normal person would do, I took a screenshot.  Check out the screenshot of Google Wembaster Tools in Vietnamese.

google webmaster tools in vietnamese

It seems to have been a glitch on Google Webmaster Tools side which I was happy with.  I just logged out of my account and logged back in and then everything returned to good old English.  Some of you are probably laughing reading this and looking at the picture but I actually didn't think this was funny at first since I assumed someone had hacked my Google account.

Luckily that doesn't seem like it was the case and I am glad since Google Webmaster Tools has a lot of important data about all of my sites.  In addition it can tell you when your sites have been hacked or if there is malware on them that you need to be aware of.  So it's important to keep you Google account and Google Webmaster Tools account secure.   I'd recommend 2-step verification if you own a cellphone with a text messaging plan.

Trying to understand Google Webmaster Tools in Vietnamese wasn't as hard as you might think though.  Since I already know where most of the buttons are in the user interface in English it was sort of second nature.  Looking at the picture can you navigate and figure out what the buttons do?  If you are familiar using Google Webmaster Tools I bet you can.  It is still a bit confusing but should be somewhat doable.

Let's hear from other webmasters that use Google Webmaster Tools.  Have you every had a similar experience with Google Webmaster Tools showing up a different language?  What was the language?  How did it make you feel?  Worried, concerned, upset? Share below and let others know!

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  • Dawn Shears says:

    Oh, man, thanks! I thought I’d been hacked….again!

  • Surprised and definitely concerned! Same thoughts, “Oh bugger, I hope it’s not hacked.” There are obviously more people who had that little linguistic fun 🙂

  • Adam, just wanted to tell you that I listened to your advice – signed out and then in again, and it worked. Thanks.