Grand Theft Auto 5’s web portal EyeFind.Info isn’t a Website

For anyone that's been playing Grand Theft Auto 5 (probably every male between the ages of 20-45 years old with a PS3 or Xbox360) you know the web portal EyeFind.Info.  You visit this search engine on your smartphone in the game and it's used for email addresses for players and characters.

The other day I decided to visit EyeFind.Info in ‘real life', meaning on a web browser on my computer, since I assumed Rockstar would have put a funny mini-game or maybe there would be a cool website or ton of extras to Grand Theft Auto 5 they put on the domain.  To my surprise… they are doing nothing with it.  Currently this Apache page displays if you visit EyeFind.Info.

eyefind.infoI thought for a second that Rockstar games just used the domain name in Grand Theft Auto 5 and possibly they did not actually own it.  I checked and Take Two, the parent company of Rockstar games, does in fact own the domain name.  I guess they just didn't feel like putting up an active website for it though.

What's odd to me is that I am sure the EyeFind.Info is getting a lot of type-in traffic from players of Grand Theft Auto which are probably thinking the same thing as I did.   It seems odd to me that the marketing department and web developers they have didn't think to do anything with it.  I mean really?  It's not like Rockstar and Take TWo didn't bank enough money to throw-up something.

I checked some of the other domains in the GTA5 and noticed all of them displayed the same Apache page.  I think they should either;

  1. Redirect these to the Rockstar website.
  2. Build the domains into real websites as extras to GTA5.
  3. Put up advertising and videos for new games Take Two is developing and releasing.

Least they could do is just redirect the traffic to some GTA5 forum or the Rockstar website.  A lot of video game makers would kill for targeted traffic for gamers and they could make money on advertising.  (Of course why help your competition.)  Seems like they should be doing something with EyeFind.Info and the rest of the domain names they used in the game.  A team already built a Grand Theft Auto app for iOS.

Just another example of how big companies let good domains go to waste.  Remember it's always better to do something with a domain name instead of just letting it sit.  Would you visit this site if it was a parked page?

I know not everyone has the time or resources to build out a website on ever single domain they own.  However, a big company like Take Two interactive does.

What do you think of Rockstar overlooking using EyeFind.Info?  Have you seen companies do this before?

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