Jack Threads ruins Breaking Bad Finale in Email Spoiler

breaking bad finale

Jack Threads, an online retailer for mens clothes, has just made a big mistake with the Breaking Bad Finale.  Last night an email was sent out by the company which had a spoiler for the Breaking Bad ending in the subject line.

Since I haven't seen the Breaking Bad Finale, or any of the final episodes yet, it isn't clear to me whether it was a fake spoiler or the real thing.  Either way it clearly was a stupid move by the menswear company.  I checked Jack Thread's Twitter feed and they have been getting a lot of customer backlash over the email.  Whoever decided it would be edgy, fun, and with the times clearly needs to be fired.   I mean seriously, what the fuck were you thinking?  Checkout all the Tweets that were sent out by angry Breaking Bad fans that were on the Jack Threads email list.














I guess Jack Thread's assumes everyone has a cable, a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), and doesn't watch Football on Sundays.  I guess they don't do much market research for their target audience then.  This leads me to assume Jack Threads employees are butt fuckers that are complete amateurs at digital and email marketing.

I should make it clear that I am actually not on Jack Thread‘s email list and I don't buy from them.  I heard someone complaining about it yesterday when he checked his email.  (While we obviously were not watching Breaking Bad.)  He was furious and wrote them a long angry letter and said he isn't going to buy from them anymore.

Personally now I am definitely NOT going to join Jack Thread's email list or buy anything from them.  Even if the spoiler turns out to be fake, it isn't a good tactic to intentionally trick or mislead customers that are on an email list.  Typically these customers are the most loyal and profitable for a company.

Did you get the Jack Thread Breaking Bad spoiler email?  Were you angry they ruined the Breaking Bad ending for you?  Are you not going to buy clothes from them again?  Let me know how you feel about it below as I'd be interested to hear what Jack Thread's customers think about the Breaking Bad Finale spoiler.

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