MichelleObama.com sells for $3550, Is it Worth More?

The first lady's name as a domain name, meaning MichelleObama.com, was sold several days ago for $3,550 dollars in a Godaddy Expired domain auction.  I got the screenshot to prove it.  michelle obamaAs you can tell from the screenshot the expired auction for MichelleObama.com closed on February 23rd, 2014 and had 62 bids with the winning bidder willing to shell out $3,550 for the domain name.  I wonder… is there another Michelle Obama out there and did they win this auction?  What are the chances of that?

Like most domain auctions the bidding for the domain seems to have heated up in the final day.  Another screenshot I took when the MichelleObama.com domain auction was active on February 21st, 2014 shows that the price at $1,075.  The valuation is only at $60 though and has a traffic score of 248.

michelleobama.comIt's surprising to me that Michelle Obama's public relations team is this f$^&ing stupid for not trying to buy MichelleObama.com themselves.  I mean seriously what are you paid to do?  It's not like you Washington DC assholes have anything better to do with your day except move really slow and get nothing done.  In addition to wasting a bunch of money.

What surprised me more though is that the domain didn't sell for more money.  Wouldn't you think the first lady's name would be worth more than $3,550?  If Michelle Obama saw this I bet she would be slightly offended.

Currently MichelleObama.com displays a GoDaddy parked page.  It will be intersting to see what the new owner will or won't do with the domain.  Assuming it's not Michelle Obama who owns it.

I guess this raises the question what do you think your name is worth?  We all know that AdamYamada.com is worth millions of dollars. 😉

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