NameSilo adds Watchlist feature to it’s Marketplace


NameSilo, a domain name registrar, has just added a Watchlist feature and functionality to it's domain name marketplace.

Previously if you wanted to keep track of domains that were on auction or in the NameSilo Marketplace it was quite difficult. You could see expired domain names you were bidding at NameSilo if you clicked on Marketplace Manager > Buyer Resources.  The Buyer Resources page would show expired domains, auctions, or offer/counter-offer domains. If you wanted to keep track of domains but not bid on them yet, you were out of luck. You had to use your head and remember to bid or set some of timed reminder to watch the domain.

Now if you check the NameSilo domain marketplace you will see a “Watchlist” tab with a binoculars icon next to each domain. Click that and you will get a dialog box that will read;

The sale has been added to your Watchlist

To check your NameSilo watchlist you can go to My Account > Marketplace Manager > Buyer Resources.  You will see four different sections there;

  • Active Auctions you have bid on
  • Active Offer/Counter Offer sales you have placed an offer on
  • Watchlist
  • Sales Won (within last 60 days)

Obviously under Watchlist there are all the domains you are watching. Just like GoDaddy or Dyandot adding a sale to your watchlist will result in the system emailing you upon changes to the sale. Most importantly you will receive email notifications and updates closer to when a domain auction in the Marketplace is closing.  That is hard to remember without an email. Don't you agree? 🙂

Recently NameSilo released sales data on the NameSilo domain name Marketplace.  It has been 1 year since the domain name registrar allowed customers to list domains on the platform. There have been 55,000 domains listed for sale, with 578 domains sold, with an average sale price of $252.05 dollars.

That is not nearly the volume of some larger domain name registrars and marketplaces.  Since NameSilo has added this useful Watchlist for customers it should increase domains sales on the Marketplace. NameSilo has built it's reputation for reasonable pricing, ease-of-use, and excellent support. I imagine many more sales will be occurring in the future.  I recommend people read my NameSilo Review to get a feel for NameSilo as a domain name registrar.

Now that NameSilo has added Watchlist functionality to the marketplace will you be using it?

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