NameSilo Review: Clear Pricing, Simple Interface, and Easy Domain Management

I've been using a new domain name registrar, NameSilo, for awhile now so I thought I would write up a NameSilo Review if anyone is considering buying or transferring domains to them. ¬†This NameSilo Review is going to be as complete and detailed as possibly and you won't find any better review than what you are about to read, I guarantee it! ūüôā

Just as a disclaimer I have included affiliate links in this review. ¬†This means I get a commission if you click through to one of these links and buy or transfer a domain with NameSilo. ¬†However nobody can ‚Äúbuy‚ÄĚ my¬†opinion on this blog¬†and this review reflects my honest opinions about NameSilo and their service as a domain name registrar. ¬†

NameSilo Review


NameSilo is a relatively new domain name registrar that has been in business since 2009.  This small, but fast growing registrar, has gained a lot of new customers mainly by word-of-mouth via online forums and by not using pleasant tactics other domain registrars use.  What does that mean?  Hard upsells, a confusing checkout process, different prices on domain registration and renewals, selling web hosting, charging for Whois privacy, etc.  NameSilo's mission is to make domain registration and management as easy as possible and they do good job.

NameSilo User Interface

NameSilo has one of the easiest domain management and user interfaces of any domain registrar I have used or seen.  Changing nameservers, renewing and paying for names, transferring domains to NameSIlo, transferring out, turning privacy on or off, etc. is all easy and painless thanks to the intuitive user interface.  Buttons are big, clearly marked, and easy-to-understand.  Check out my awesome screenshot!

namesiloLike any UI it will take some getting used to but I think most people should be able to navigate NameSilo's Domain Manager dashboard quickly.

I see a lot of people say NameSilo has the best user interface of any domain registrar out there, but I'm unsure. ¬†I definitely prefer it over NameCheap‘s UI which I always have found confusing and I think the text is too small. ¬†(GoDaddy… don't even ask as most people will tell you they hate it, including me.)

Overall it's hard to beat NameSilo's easy-to-use UI and the way they clearly present everything in their backend.

namesilo review

Domain Search and Registering

domain searchSearching and registering domain names with NameSilo is a straightforward and easy process.  Like I said above, the user interface is simple and easy-to-understand.  NameSilo makes purchasing domain names as hassle free as can be.

namesilo shopping cart I do have some complaints about searching and registering domains with NameSilo though.  When searching for domains it automatically selects .CO as well as .COM for some reason.  I understand they want to make more money on .CO registrations (since they charge $22.49 for per year) but who really needs a .CO if you can get the .COM?  Honestly I would prefer a .NET or .ORG but that is my personal preference and opinion.  I know the tech community and startups love .CO domains and .IO domains these days, but really?  (NameSilo doesn't support .IO in case you were wondering.  Probably a good thing as .IO domains lost me money.)

In addition NameSilo's shopping cart defaults to a 2-year registration period for domains instead of 1 year.  This is something that you usually see from other registrars and I honestly don't like it.

UPDATE: NameSilo seems to have changed the registration process for domains.  It no longer automatically selects .CO domains and the default is to only have the .COM selected.  I imagine other NameSilo customers had similar complaints, and they might have read this review, which is why they changed the domain search defaults.

bulk domain searchNameSilo's bulk domain search is straightforward as well.  One nice thing is that you can upload a TXT file of domains names that you want to search availability on.  Useful if you are looking for a large list of domains.  You can search up to 500 domain names at a time using NameSilo's bulk search.  The domain bulk search works fine but it can be a bit cubersome and clunky to use.  It benefit from having a separate landing page and larger menu and input field to work with.

NameSilo also offers the ability to buy premium domain names (domains owned by someone else) through them if you wish.  I doubt many people are interested in that though since most probably flock to NameSilo due to their low pricing.

NameSilo Domain Transfers

Domain transfers in and out of NameSilo are pretty straightforward and easy.  I've only had trouble transferring domains in from 1and1 (which is a domain registrar you shouldn't use.)  Just make sure you have the correct EPP or authorization code and have unlocked the domain name from the losing registrar if you are going to be transferring to NameSilo.

A great feature that NameSilo offers for transferring domain name to an outgoing registrar is that you can approve a transfer in their backend without waiting. ¬†Typically it can take 5-10 days for a domain transfer to go through. ¬†This¬†means with NameSilo you¬†just need to retrieve the authorization code via email and once that is approved by NameSilo, you can go to the “Transfer Manager” in your account and approve the transfer immediately. ¬†The only other domain name registrar I have seen offer outbound domain transfer approvals in their backend is GoDaddy.

NameSilo DNS Propagation & Management

NameSilo's DNS propagation is pretty snappy.  The usual amount of time I've waited for nameservers to update and see it on my end is 10-20 minutes.  NameSilo says nameserver updates on their end are updated immediately, of course that doesn't matter unless the update gets to you quickly.  Keep in mind DNS updates around the world can take up to 48 hours to propagate.  Today I had to wait a few hours for a domains nameservers to change.

In addition managing DNS with NameSilo is quite easy and they don't cut corners when it comes to DNS management.  This registrar offers a full range of DNS services which allows you to change CNAME, MX, and A records.

manage dnsAlso NameSilo makes it easy to apply templates with domains for using different services such as Blogger, Google Apps, Squarespace, Weebly, Yola, Zenfolio, Tumblr, and SmugMug.  This is a nice feature if you are someone who is buying a domain name to use with an 3rd party web hosting service.  (Of course I don't recommend doing this and tell people it's better to buy web hosting with a company like Site5.)  If you are not comfortable with making DNS changes to your domain, this should help you set it up somewhat easily.

dns templates

NameSilo Pricing

NameSilo's claims to have “The Cheapest Domains on the Internet” as well as the “Cheapest Everyday Prices on the Web.” ¬†While this sounds like a lofty claim and marketing ploy, as far as I can tell this seems to be accurate. ¬†If you exclude coupons that other larger domain registrars offer, like NameCheap or GoDaddy, the everyday pricing is extremely competitive and¬†the price you see is the price you pay.

NameSilo does not charge the $18 cent Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) fee on domains and they do not charge for Whois privacy. That is included in the price when purchase domains.  NameCheap, Godaddy and a lot of other registrars tack on these fees when you are checking out.

Here are all the domains that NameSilo currently supports and their pricing.  Prices are for registration and renewal.

  • COM – $8.99
  • NET – $8.09
  • ORG – $9.19
  • INFO – $9.59
  • BIZ – $9.99
  • CO – $22.49
  • MOBI – $7.89
  • ME – $16.99

These prices are for regular NameSilo pricing if you are ordering under 49 domain names.  (Sounds like a lot but some people own thousands of domains.)  They have bulk discounts as well as the NameSilo Discount Program.  This allows you to save 10 cents off per domain name if your prefund your NameSilo account and pay that way.  I am not sure what the advantage is for NameSilo but I assume they make money on holding money, like a bank.  If you don't want to prefund your NameSilo account you can pay with a credit card with Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, and Discover.  Online payment solutions include PayPal, Skrill (formerly MoneyBookers), and Payza if you prefer.

UPDATE: NameSilo now accepts Google Wallet, Bitcoin, and Dwolla for payment.

Transfer pricing is reasonable too;

  • COM – $8.39
  • NET – $7.89
  • ORG – $8.99
  • INFO – $9.19
  • BIZ – $9.79
  • CO – $22.49
  • MOBI – $13.99
  • ME – $15.99

If you want to save $1 off on registration or transfers use the coupon codes РNAMESILO27 or SAVEDOLLAR1.  (FYI these are my codes.)

Only comparable pricing that matches NameSilo from what I've seen is (no, not that BS but .BS is the country code top level domain name for the Bahamas.) which has free Whois privacy and doesn't charge an ICANN fee as well.  There is also but you would need to setup to be a domain reseller with them.  Still with's pricing structure you would only need to spend $500 over the lifetime of your account to get their bulk pricing which is extremely competitive.  A lot of people use them since it's easy to spend over $500 on renewing domains.  In addition DynaDot's bulk pricing is on par with NameSilo's bulk pricing, but DynaDot at the time of this writing does not offer free Whois privacy.  I heard DynaDot was considering changing this though.

No matter how you cut it NameSilo pricing is hard to beat and they seem to be picking up a lot of business because of it.

*All pricing was accurate at the time this post was written.  

NameSilo Support

NameSilo support is decent and fast to respond mostly any time during the day.  Response time on weekends is even pretty good.  NameSilo support is usually pretty helpful about answering questions but sometimes I have found that support is a bit snobbish since often they just link to their knowledgeable base without a clear explanation.

NameSilo offers email and chat support, but there is no phone support.  With domain names I don't anticipate that you will need tons of support or have a lots of questions, unlike web hosting, but you never know.

Final Thoughts about NameSilo

In addition to what I've already mentioned I have had a few issues with NameSilo. ¬†They advertise “Free Domain Parking” which you use with Google Adsense. ¬†I am unsure if it is allowed to use a Google Adsense account on¬†parked domains though. ¬†Google shutdown their domain parking program a few years, even though the company makes money with agreements with domain parking companies.

If you are going to use their domain parking option with Google Adsense it might be a good idea to setup an LLC.

Another thing which bothered me was I recommended a family member move some domains from another registrar to NameSilo. He used my affiliate link to make the transfer but I didn't use my coupon code, but a bulk transfer code they were offering at the time.  I noticed I didn't get an affiliate commission, which made me feel jibbed.  I asked about it and they said it was because it was a bulk transfer and he didn't use one my my coupon codes.  I won't cry about it but it was annoying.

For those of you interested in an easy-to-use straightforward domain pricing and free Whois privacy, NameSilo is definitely a good option.  They have a lot of great features and don't cut corners even with their low pricing.

I am personally hesitant to keep my important and key domains with them as they are a new domain registrar though.   I will use them for keeping domains I have development plans for, but don't want to spend too much money renewing ever year.  That's why NameSilo is a good name I guess.

NameSilo also doesn't fill all my domain needs as I own a handful of .US domains.  At this time NameSilo does not support ccTLDs (country code top level domains) except for .ME and .CO currently.  I imagine this isn't a big deal for most people though.

It's kind of hard for me to believe that NameSilo can continue with their pricing strategy without moving into other markets or jacking up prices.  A lot of domain registrars slowly have price increases and start charging for Whois privacy and taking on ICANN fees as they grow larger.

NameSilo did introduce domain auctions for expiring domains a few months ago.  According to RegistrarOwl, which is run by NameSilo, they have about 108,000 domains under management.  That means that on any given day there are not going to be too many deleting domain gems dropping under their control.  As they grow, this will likely change and I assume bring in more revenue for NameSilo.

Some might not remember this but GoDaddy got big by undercutting the competition in price back when they were first getting started. ¬†Now their coupon pricing might be good, but their service isn't all that great. ¬†Since NameSilo is using the same strategy, despite my reservations, I really have no doubt in my mind that in a few years¬†NameSilo¬†could become a major player in the domain industry. ¬†That is if… they are not bought out and stick to their original business goals.

It is quite possible that NameSilo could get gobbled up by a big domain registrar in the domain industry since I am pretty sure execs at GoDaddy, Demand Media, Name Media, etc. will see this little domain registrar slowly increasing their market share as threat.  They could very well buy them out at some point.

My hope though is that NameSilo sticks to their original mission of providing no-headaches and ho-hassles when it comes to domain registration and management.  No web hosting, SEO products, etc. which I won't buy from a domain registrar anyway.

Bottom line is that NameSilo is good if you have 1 or 1000's of domain names.

If you use NameSilo and think I've missed something in this NameSilo Review please leave a comment below.  If you have any questions about NameSilo let me know below and I will answer them to the best of my knowledge.

Just as a reminder you can save $1 off on registration or transfers with these NameSilo coupon codes РNAMESILO27 or SAVEDOLLAR1.  These NameSilo coupon codes will work for most domain registrations and domain transfers with NameSilo.  Each code can be redeemed once per person per account.

Again I've included affiliate links in this review but that does not change my opinion.  If you received value and insight from this NameSilo review I appreciate any help so that I can continue to write informative and honest reviews on this blog. 

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15 thoughts on “NameSilo Review: Clear Pricing, Simple Interface, and Easy Domain Management”

  1. thanks, was renewing namecheap for 5 years but renewal failed (apparently not thier fault as registration servers offline for maintenance) so looked at cheaper options. Will try namesilo.

    1. Glad you liked my NameSilo review Ray and found it helpful. They are definitely a good low cost domain name registrar. (Although I have had a few issues with DNS not working and they have made some weird copyright claims on 1 domain I had with them.)

      If you decide to go with them please come back and share your experiences as a customer.

  2. I also just came across NameSilo a few months ago. I LOVE the free whois privacy that they offer. No complaints thus far.

    I started out with GoDaddy, but hate their hard-selling tactics that I have to put up with everytime I buy a domain.

    So I moved to NameCheap. I still like them, but the free whois privacy that I found at NameSilo has made me a new convert.

    1. NameSilo is definitely a good domain name registrar Brian. Free whois privacy is a major plus when you consider registrars like Godaddy charge a lot for it. I’ve saved a lot of money not shelling out money for privacy protection. They also only sell domain names and have low straightforward pricing.

      The biggest issue I have with NameSilo is that they do not send many emails many it comes time for renewal. For someone who doesn’t keep track of domain names or is forgetful, I’ve found they may not be the ideal registrar. A couple clients I recommended NameSilo to transferred and forgot to renew their domain names.

      Godaddy is definitely all about the hard upsells. I guess that’s why they are the largest domain registrar and web hosting company though. Most people don’t know there are other places to even buy, register, and renew domain names. ūüôā

      NameCheap is a good domain registrar. I’ve had great experiences with NameCheap support. I am not a huge fan of the the new user interface though. After the first year privacy is 99 cents if you use a coupon code. I wrote a NameCheap Review as well.

      Even though NameSilo is a good registrar I still use other domain registrars. I prefer the user interface and they have free privacy if you use the coupon code – privacyplease. It’s just personal preference I guess.

      Out of curiosity how long have you been using NameSilo? Did you find my NameSilo review helpful Brian?

  3. I found that namesilo registered their domain in 2009, what this means they have been in the market for only 7 years. I am not sure they can keep going with this pricing model as it doesn’t seem generate a good profit for them. I recommend namecheap as they have been in the market since 2000 ,means almost 16 years. they have hosting service, vps, dedicated servers and all. so it’s a big company. if you want reliability + low fees then go for namecheap, namesilo isn’t really trusted for a productive website to register their domain.

    1. NameSilo at this point is a stable registrar and I have heard minimal complaints. The pricing is simple and many people, like myself, and other webmasters appreciate that. NameSilo only does domain names and does not offer any web hosting options. So I have no idea what you are talking about.

      NameSilo makes additional revenue by putting expired domains into auction. Customers can also sell domains on the NameSilo Marketplace.

      I imagine the NameSilo Marketplace has become a good stream of money for NameSilo.

      I do not like NameCheap due to the confusing User Interface now and they resell legacy domain extensions .COM/.NET/.ORG. I’ve had a ton of issues because NameCheap resells domains.

      I recommend NameSilo and continue to do so.

  4. I transfer all domains to Namesilo since I comfort with WYSIWYG doamin setup clearly for end-user interface. Since then easily combined manually setup with nameserver (NS), Cloudflare and IP pointing, cheap prices with all free whois guard while Namecheap whois guard free for first year only and Godaddy with their sucks prices.
    Google Apps setup for email MX, subdomain pointing.
    I never found comfortable like this at Godaddy & Namecheap since their interface are complicated.

    1. I agree Aming. NameCheap and Godaddy user interfaces are confusing. NameSilo has a nice simple interface which might take getting used to be but I’ve never had much issue with it.

      If there is an issue support NameSilo provides clear documentation. If you need support they are quick and responsive.

  5. Good post Adam, delighted someones talking about this stuff. When I began domaining I’d no clue how to buy a domain or where to buy but now after reading posts like yours, I write about buying and selling domains. My latest post is about how long should you continue to renew a domain?

    Keep it up man.
    I’ll keep an eye on your posts.


    1. Thanks Daniel, glad you appreciate my NameSilo Review.

      Definitely keep on eye out on my future articles.

  6. In the Netherlands they are known for hosting phising-criminals. As a victim there is nothing you can do. The policy is selfprotecting, they decide (even there is a clear law statement) whats spam, phising etc.

    If you want a sustainable hosting. I would advice you to look further, because Dutch Law is very active on cybercrime and they will prosecute or block all involved companies.

    1. Frans, again NameSilo does not provide web hosting services. NameSilo is strictly a domain name registrar and only provides domain registration services to customers. No web hosting plans, SSL certificates, etc.

      This is one of the many reasons they have a growing customer base.

      Are you saying that phishing and spam sites often use NameSilo as a domain name registrar?

  7. Hi Adam,

    I have read the Terms and Conditions of NameSilo ( And I see an important problem hidden in the points 3.b.ii, 3.b.iii, 4.c.ix and 5.a of that agreement.

    * The point 3.b.ii:
    “Your failure to respond for over three (3) calendar days to inquiries by us concerning the accuracy of Account and WHOIS contact information shall constitute an incurable material breach of this Agreement”

    * The point 3.b.iii:
    “You are responsible for regularly monitoring email sent to the email address in your Account. You may lose your rights to the domain name(s) or your right to receive the Services if you do not respond appropriately and timely to an email sent in conjunction therewith”

    * The point 4.c.ix:
    “In the event that we or a third-party believe you to be infringing upon any part of this Agreement, we will contact you at the email address associated with your account. It is your responsibility to reply to any such communication within three (3) days. … If you fail to reply within the given time frame, … we reserve the right to immediately release your contact information and to suspend or terminate the WHOIS privacy service”

    * The point 5.a:
    “we may terminate or suspend the Services at any time for cause, which, without limitation, includes … (vi) failure to respond to inquiries from us for over three (3) calendar days, … or (xi) failure to respond to inquiries from us regarding payment inquiries for over 24 hours”

    The requirement to reply messages within three days can be not an obstacle for a firm or organization, but what about private persons? If you are away from your computer during few days, NameSilo can take your domain name from you.

    I have send an email message to them about the above issue 108 hours ago. They do not reply.

      1. Theoretically, it can be. If my memory is not wrong, the agreement of Dynadot speaks about five business days. I do not know the difference between business days and working days, but five business days are obviously more then three calendar days.

        And especially alarming fact is that NameSilo does not reply. 31 January 2018 22:34 GMT, I sent a message to their sales email address; no reply up to now (10 February 2018 21:46 GMT). 5 February 2018 17:03 GMT, I forwarded that message to their support and comments email addresses; no reply up to now. About a day after it, I visited their support chat; outside of their working hours, the chat displays message about the working hours. Well, I comed again in their working hours, but no one replied to me in their chat in their working hours. It looks like they sleep for entire winter like bears.

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