NameSilo shares sales Data on NameSilo MarketPlace


NameSilo launched the NameSilo Marketplace 1 year ago and to celebrate they decided to release some sales data and stats. Since launching the Namesilo Marketplace here are some key points to be aware of;

  • Over 55,000 domains have been listed for sale
  • Over 40,000 Offer/Counter-offer domains listed for sale
  • Over 15,000 Auction domains listed for sale
  • 578 domains have been sold
  • 422 via Offer/Counter-offer sale
  • 156 via Auction sale
  • $145,687 in total sales revenue
  • $124,763 sold via Offer/Counter-offer sale
  • $20,924 sold via Auction sale
  • $252.05 average sale price
  • $295.65 average Offer/Counter-offer sale
  • $134.14 average Auction sale
  • $3,000 largest Offer/Counter-offer sale
  • $1,980 largest Auction sale
  • 2 Buyer charge backs
  • Average payout in 7.3 days

NameSilo stated that they were

pleased with the results from our first year offering our Marketplace. The number of available sales and total sales revenue has gone up nearly every month compared to the previous month.

They are always working on improving the NameSilo Marketplace. One complaint has been that for domains over $1,000 purchase price NameSilo requires a wire transfer.  If your domain sale price is under $1,000 you can easily sell the domain directly through NameSilo and have a buyer buy through their shopping cart. That means they can use several different payment methods including PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Dwolla, Skrill, Bitcoin, and Alipay.

Still, we understand that there are some things we can improve upon and are planning to do so. We feel we are an excellent option for sales under $1,000 as those do not require a wire. We are considering ways to offer the same ease of purchase for sales over $1,000 while protecting our marketplace from charge backs, fraud, etc.

Apparently NameSilo is planning improving a number of areas of the NameSilo Marketplace but hasn't revealed specifics.

We also have plans for further expansion in a number of areas. I can't give details now, but 2017 should see some pretty exciting enhancements.

NameSilo added that they are happy to have the NameSilo Marketplace available to sellers and buyers, but provide other third party options as well.

Also, please note that while we of course would like everyone to use our Marketplace, we still want to provide other options to help you gain exposure for your domain sales efforts. This is why we are SedoMLS and Afternic Fast Transfer partners, and also why we offer many other free services for managing your entire domain portfolio with us or any other registrar as well as offering a platform for listing your domains from any registrar for sale – and completely for free.

What are your thoughts about the sales data and stats NameSilo released from the NameSilo Marketplace? Have you sold or bought any domains through NameSilo?

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