PenelopeCruz(.)com sells on Flippa for $505


penelope cruz recently sold on Flippa, a marketplace for websites and domain names, for $505 dollars.

Obviously the name “Penelope Cruz” is best associated with the smoking hot Spanish actress Penelope Cruz. She has appeared in many movies in both Spanish and English.  This includes Volver, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Pirates of the Caribbean, Zoolander 2, Blow, etc. She is well known around the world.

Editor's Note – Perhaps you know who Penelope Cruz is but have not seen any of her movies. In this case you should go see or rent Vicky Cristina Barcelona. There is a scene where Penelope Cruz makes out with her co-star Scarlett Johansson. The movie is directed by Hollywood legend Woody Allen. Of course what do you care more about… Woody Allen? Or Penelope Cruz and Scarelett Johansson making out? 



The seller on Flippa didn't mention in the description anything about “Penelope Cruz” the actress.  Here is what the “Seller's Notes” said;

This is your chance to purchase domain name. Amazing Traffic. NO RESERVE

So I guess this means that a lot of people type in searching for information about Penelope Cruz? Doesn't surprise me at all and I find it interesting that Cruz's public relations or talent agency has made no attempts to grab this domain.

It is possible someone representing Penelope Cruz bought the domain name. Currently the domain forwards to Penelope Cruz's Internet Movie Database (IMDB) page.

Since the domain is under privacy protection it is hard to determine who bought

The domain is 13 years old and is registered with Godaddy. At the time the auction closed it said there was 7 months left on the registration. As of today I noticed the domain is renewed out for 4 years. I assumed the seller has been paid and the domain has been transferred to the buyer.

There were 47 bids for the domain name,, and the Flippa account “Conglomerate” is new.  I am wonder how the seller acquired the domain?

This Flippa sales reminds me of the time that sold on Godaddy Auctions.  That sold for quite more money, $3550, several years ago. Michelle Obama, who is the wife of Barack Obama, should have made an attempt to snag that domain. Bit surprised nobody on her staff thought of picking this domain up.  Do expect a bunch of overpaid Washington DC elitists staffers to actually be smart about these things? Hell no. 🙂

Currently forwards to a website for a country music band. It is unclear if they were the buyers in the GoDaddy auction several years ago. The domain is also under whois privacy protection with Domains By Proxy.  This is a privacy serviced owned by GoDaddy.

I imagine there are not too many Michelle Obama's in the world, but since “Cruz” is a common last name there are probably other Penelope Cruz's in the world.

Anyone remember when Tom Cruise dated Penelope Cruz?  Why didn't Tom Cruise jump on the couch on Oprah when he was dating Penelope Cruz? Isn't she more couch jumping worthy than Katie Holmes? Right??? 🙂

Penelope Cruz's full name is “Penelope Cruz Sanchez” but professionally she goes by Penelope Cruz. Whatever name she uses she is damn attractive in my book. Too bad guys, she's married to the actor Javier Bardem. Likely best known for playing the bad guy in the James Bond movie Skyfall.

Since the domain forwards to the IMDB page my thoughts are someone that manages Penelope Cruz bought the domain.  There is now way to know though.

Who do you think bought Would buy a famous celebrity's name as a domain name?

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