Google finallly allows people to get a Google Plus Custom URL

Google recently sent out emails to users of Google Plus (Google+), Google's social network, inviting them to setup and create a Google Plus Custom URL, aka vanity URL, for their Google Plus Profiles.  Here is the email I received and if you use Google+ I assume you got a similar email.

google plus custom urlNot everyone is eligible to go and get a Google Plus Custom URL for their Google Plus Profiles though.  In Google's support page they state;

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can get a custom URL for your Google+ account or page. This means you can choose one of the custom URLs Google preassigns to your Google+ profile or page.

Google says that accounts must be in good standing to be eligible as well you must have 10 or more followers, have an account that is at least 30 days old, and a photo in you Google Plus Profile.  If you got the email I assume you meet all these requirements though.

Some important things to realize is that you can request to change the Google Plus Custom URL if you wish but it may take several days for Google to process and approve the request.  In addition once your Google Plus Custom URL has been approved, you will not be able to change it.  So make sure it is what you want before you click “Confirm” and go through with the process of getting the Google vanity URL.

It's fairly simple to setup the Google vanity URL.  Just follow the prompts in the email you received and it will walk you through it.  Google might ask you for a mobile phone number to request for the custom URL and you will have to wait to receive a text with a code to enter for 2-step verification.  (I am still waiting for that text from Google actually.)

google plus mobile numberGoogle Plus also allows local business pages to get a Google Plus custom URL as well provided it is a verified local business.  In addition Google Plus brand pages can also get a Google vanity URL if they wish but it must be linked to a website.

Overall being able to secure a Google custom URL is great news for users of Google Plus including brands and fanpages.  Not being able to secure a Google vanity URL was one of the biggest complaints about Google's social network.  Virtually ever other social network and bookmarking site allows you to grab a custom URL that is words and not a long string of numbers.

I was surprised that Google didn't roll this feature out when they initially launched Google Plus to be honest.  It makes finding and typing in pages easier.  People have a hard time remembering long strings of numbers.  Well, probably a Google engineer could.

What are your thoughts about being able to get a Google Plus custom URL now?  If you are on Google+ do appreciate this?  If are a still not on Google+ would this change make you want to setup a profile?