Happy New Year! Singing Dogs “Auld Lang Syne” versions

auld lang syneHappy New Year everyone!  I hope 2013 was a great year and you accomplished a lot and that you are looking forward to a fruitful 2014.

Since we celebrated Christmas on this blog by saying Merry Christmas from the Singing Dogs we are going to wish everyone a Happy New Year by bringing in 2014 with a great rendition of “Auld Lang Syne” with Cody and Sierra otherwise known as the Singing Dogs.

Auld Lang Syne

As you can see Cody and Sierra love celebrating the New Year just as much as anyone else and all while singing to the classic New Year's tune “Auld Lang Syne.” While we think their singing is great many people think the best part of our video is when they both decide it is time to leave and go party.  At least that is what I think they are going to do when they left in the end.

Sierra sometimes likes to sing Auld Lang Syne by herself lying down without Cody though.  She is a bit of a dog diva and needs things to be comfortable for her to perform properly.

Sierra's Lazy Auld Lang Syne Version

If you like the Singing Dogs videos and want to wish a friend, family member, neighbor, etc. a Happy New Year please share Cody and Sierra's Auld Lang Syne videos. That would make their New Year's a whole lot more special.

If you have a New Year's Resolution please let us know what it is below.