Happy Thanksgiving 2013 to All! What are you Thankful for?

happy thanksgiving 2013I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving 2013 to all of my friends, family, followers, and readers of this blog.  If you are Jewish, Happy Thanksgivukkah(It's a mash-up of the words Thanksgiving + Hanukah since today is both holidays.)

Since Thanksgiving is a holiday to reflect on what we are all thankful for I'd thought I'd throw out some funny, but meaningful things I am personally thankful for;

  • I'm not a Turkey and therefore I am not getting eaten on Thanksgiving.  (The turkeys in the picture I'm not sure are so lucky though.)
  • I live in the United States, which is a great country.
  • I have two amazing Singing Dogs that have been featured many places.
  • I have the knowledge and ability to run this blog and other websites.
  • All my blogs get tons of traffic… 😉 I wish.  (You can always help by sharing my posts.)

I could make a much longer list but I thought I'd keep it short so you don't need to read too long of a post.  This way you can have a Happy Thanksgiving 2013 and get on with your eating lots of Turkey, stuffing, and pie.

However hard you think your life is sometimes it's good for people to reflect on the positives in your life.  Now that I have revealed my list of things to be thankful for, it's your turn.  Tell me what you are thankful for on Thanksgiving.

To up the ante, feel free to leave an anonymous comment below.  It still needs to be appropriate and follow this website's guidelines or it will not be approved.  Still that's giving a lot of freedom and most webmasters won't allow anonymous comments.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving and let me know what you are thankful for.