4 thoughts on “Twitter Invitation Email Scam”

  1. My email had my name along with a nickname that one of my friends calls me by as the contact sent to, yet the email was sent to me by an Andrian (note- the only Adrian I know is my cousin who I haven’t seen in recent years and he has NEVER called me by or even heard that nickname) and there is no prophile picture. Is there a way for me to check out who this person is? My friend hasn’t contacted me back after I tried contacting her.

  2. I’ve had a similar issue like Miki’s Any thoughts?

  3. Thanks for the information. As you said, it looks legitimate as it “comes” from Twitter. Even with a Mac, I am very careful what I download. I appreciate the warning!

    1. No problem Matt. Always good to be aware of these types of emails no matter what operating system you use.

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