Want a good .BLOG Domain? Available Blog Domains (in .COM)

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Now .BLOG domains are in the wild and available for anyone to register, I thought I would do this article on good available Blog domains. Not in the .BLOG domain extension though since WordPress and Automattic, the parent company of WordPress, have gone batsh*t crazy with premium renewals.

Apparently Automattic wants $10,000 (price went up in 1 day) $11,500 per year for Adam.blog.  Have they lost their F#cking minds?

Yes, they have but those are not the only insane premium renewals being pushed by Automattic. Here are some others.

  • Beer.blog – $110,000
  • Marijuana.blog – $11,500
  • Cannabis.blog – $2,600
  • Hemp.blog – $700
  • Hash.blog – $700
  • Baseball.blog – $6,000

And there are plenty more of INSANE .BLOG domain renewals like that. Just to be clear that is not a one time upfront payment. Those listed price are what you need to pay each year.

On top of the complaints about premium pricing, WordPress has angered many potential Customers doing a “Bait and Switch.”  WordPress and Automattic offered many premium .BLOG domains to customers who paid a $250 application fee, then reserved them for company use.

I’ve lost so much respect for Automattic through this whole .BLOG domain launch process.

I used to think Automattic and WordPress was a cool and innovative company. Now it just seems like all the other domain name registries and other corporate tech companies. Sleazy and they don’t care about making customers happy. They only care about squeezing as much money out of .BLOG as possible.

I guess they feel the pressure to make back that $19 million they had to shell out for the .BLOG domain extension. Isn’t it a better to sell more and increase usage rates?

New Domain Reality Check

These insane new domain companies need a reality check.  To combat this insanity I've decided to start to a series that lists available .COM domains that match crazy new domain premiums.  If you can have a .COM and pay $10 per year to renew it, why pay an insane premium renewal?

Here are good available KeywordBlog.com domains that I found while doing some quick searches. The full domain is listed and the premium .BLOG domain pricing after.  All these domains can be bought for $10 at any registrar you desire.  I just prefer NameSilo these days, you can read my NameSilo Review.

It should be noted that all these .COM domains were available at the time of writing this article. These domains could be registered at any time after this posting. If after reading this you decide to register one of these domains, can you please leave a comment and let others know?

Blog First Names

Here are many common, and not so common, first names ****Blog.com domains that are available to register.  There are even more but these are the ones I've just decided to list.

Other available Blog Domains

Huge Indian city with 17 million people. This .COM would be a good registration in my opinion.

Greenville is a city in South Carolina. If you were from Greenville and wanted to start a website about happenings around the city, a nice domain to do it on perhaps.

Thoughts on Available Domain Lists?

There are also LOTS of good Keyword+Blog.COM domain combinations still available for to register. It doesn't take that long to look and find them. You do NOT need to pay a premium to get a good “blog” domain. 🙂

My thoughts are the .BLOG domain extension isn't going to do well.  At least in the long run.  I already explained in this article with Matt Mullenweg talking the about .BLOG domain, the likely process a new blogger using WordPress.com will go through.

  1. Person buys .BLOG domain
  2. They use WordPress.com (free) or WordPress.org (self-hosted)
  3. They write 3-5 blog posts
  4. Try to get traffic, shares, and comments
  5. Not successful with blogging
  6. Go back to using Social Media
  7. Abandon blogging
  8. Domain renewal comes up… they drop the .BLOG domain

Getting traffic and getting good links is MUCH harder then when blogging was new.  It's not getting any easier by using a new domain.

Besides evidence has clearly shown that Millennials don't trust new domains.  In addition over 70% of new domains are parked and that number keeps going up.  The rest are being used for email spam as this IT Manager explained.  There is just no trust for new domains and adoption and understanding by the general public will be long and painful.

What do you think of this “Premium Regs” domain list?  Can you let me know with a comment below? If you like me doing this I'll start doing a regular weekly series highlighting good available .COM domains, where the new domain has a premium renewal. If you have any suggestions for a plugins to help with affiliate links or to make the process easier let me know.  Are there specific keywords you would like to see?

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