Wells Fargo Phising Scam

Thought I would let my readers know of a Wells Fargo Phishing Scam text I got on my phone this morning.  I knew immediately it was fake as I do not have an account with Wells Fargo but I know a lot of people that do.  It came from the email address – xitidj@wells1.com – and this was the text.

[Wells Fargo Bank] We regret to inform you that your Wells Fargo account is suspended. Update Your Personal information at: http://wellsfargoalert.net/login

I did not click on the link but I assume it takes you to a page and asks you to enter in your Wells Fargo account login information or other sensitive bank data.  Obviously if you are reading this post right now and are a Wells Fargo banking customer DO NOT click on the link and enter your account or login information.  It's clearly a phishing scam designed to prey on the unsuspecting.

With regards to the domain name – wellsfargoalert.net – it was registered just yesterday.  I can't seem to find out who owns it but the domain isn't even 24 hours old at the time of this writing.  Probably even in that short amount of time I bet many people have fallen for this Wells Fargo Phishing scam, unfortunately.

The Wells1.com domain name seems to be a legitimate business, Wells Printing Company, that's been in operation since 1997 and the website doesn't seem to be anything malicious, at least from what I can tell.  Likely the scammer gained access to the hosting account or domain name registrar for Wells Printing and can control the email of this domain.  They could also be using a dead end domain coming from another server but I didn't research it enough to figure it out.  I mean… Wells Fargo doesn't pay my bills. 🙂

While I don't like phishing scams this is a pretty smart honestly.  The Verizon “Your Past Due”  I wrote about was better constructed but I imagine a lot of people think this is real anyway.  Just a good reminder to be aware, careful, and cautious online.

If you got this Wells Fargo Phishing Scam and this article helped you realize what it was, please leave a comment below.

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